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From B&B to Viggiano
Madonna of Viaggiano

The Viggiano Papal Basilica: just 15 Km from our B&B

At a 15 minute car drive from our Val D'Agri Bed and Breakfast you can visit the Viggiano Papal Basilica, a majestic fascinating church, unique in its decoration, plasters, statues, frescos and marbles.
The Viggiano Madonna Sanctuary has been repeatedly damaged by earthquakes throughout the centuries and is currently surviving from the last reconstructive session in the 700's. A wide staircase will lead you up to the church, anointed in 1735 with its beautiful baroque style which today almost hides behind the Padula Certosa's mightiness.
The temple has three aisles with a roman golden ceiling painted in XIX century. Opposite the facade you'll see two '400 low reliefs in white marble and above the central aisle a big canvas, inspired by neapolitan tradition,
Regional Sanctuary
Total landscape view
St. Prospero (Patrono) The Basilica's organ The Basilica dome Papal Basilica Sede and Leggio
Sanctuary Apse
The Basilica's right side
The Basilica's left side
represents the Assumption, surrounded by other four canvases embodying the evangelists.
In 1854, the primary altar was carved in white marble with ornamental patterns typical of the 700's. The Viggiano Madonna is placed in the middle (the statue is kept in the Sanctuary on the Viggiano Mountain from May up until September), it is known as "The Black Madonna" because of the wood's colour and certainly is one of the most worshipped images of our Basilicata region. The aisles go deep into the "cappelloni", linked to the apse thanks to two arches which each display a painting by Lucano Lanziani. Both the cappelloni are dedicated to Saints that have marble altars and statues: Saint Francisco D'Assisi and Saint Joseph. On the side walls you'll spot two striking baroque altars, one of which was dedicated to the sacred heart, the other to the Reliquie Saints among which you'll immediately notice the young roman martyr Saint Prospero (Viggiano's Patron Saint).
The Basilica Altar
The Basilica Apse
Bronze Grand Portal
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