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Olympic Pool
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Tramutola Waterpark: 400 meters from our B&B Cottage

Caught up in stressful routines, we often wish for a fresh piece of green to plunge into and enjoy the cool mountain air.
A dream of this sort isn't hard to turn into reality; all you need to do is visit our Caranna Waterpark in Tramutola, located at just 400 meters from our Val D'Agri Bed and Breakfast Cottage, in one of the most suggestive green shelters of the Southern Apennines. With its many water games, slides, baby pools and rivers ending into the big pool, this water park is perfect for both adults and children.
The best and best known italian amusement parks are generally located in the south. The Zambrone waterpark is in Cosenza, the Odissea 2000 one is located in Rossano, Calabria, the Monreale one is near Palermo, in Sicily.
Olympic Pool
Slow river
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Even though all very equipped, none of these has a landscape frame like the one in Tramutola, where the water fun resembles an Impressionist painting; this is without a doubt one of the main attractions at our guests' disposal.
The Caranna waterpark is supplied by the Caolo Spring in Tramutola, the primary water source in southern Italy.
Water is always heated thanks to a heat exchanger which in turn uses the waters flowing at 42°C out of another exceptional water spring a couple of hundred meters away.
For all the less than perfect swimmers this park is also ideal for just a drink at the bar; once there, you'll feel overwhealmed by such a various selection of activities.
If you're looking for a delightful vacation spent enjoying water sports and discovering the Lucania hills, our Val D'Agri B&B Cottage is the very best choice.
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Basilicata Water Park
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