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Volturino Mountain: Basilicata's green treasure chest

The Volturino Mountain is located at just 20 Km from our Val D'Agri Bed and Breakfast Cottage and isn't usually something our guests give up.
Named after the latin term vultur = vulture, the Volturino mountain is set up as a branched glasshouse with several peaks and swings; it outlines the deep blue of a clean sky reflecting its fascinating shades.
Right passed the moon-shaped "3 boundaries" pass, you'll find a massive hill which was once a terrible vulcano: the Volturino: a prodigious mountain with two similarly-elevated peaks, spaced out by a green valley.
Clear days will display exceptional views in all directions, although it is toward south-west that you will enjoy the Tyrrhenian sea's shimmering surface.
The summer gathers people from near locations like Puglia and Campania to
The Volturino's top
Lake's Villa
The Volturino & its Village During the summer The blossomed Mountain Excursions Volturino in December
Double-seated chair lift
"The southern Alps"
Among bushes...
enjoy these hills, breathe the fresh, healthy air and enjoy fun times in a natural environment. There are several town festivals on the Volturino Mountain, (e.g. the Ham Festival). This area is a "summary of the universe" to be enjoyed slowly on foot, through endless fields and fantastic beech trees. In Spring time you can witness the blooming of primroses and violets while summer brings us wild orchids. The colder season also offers panoramic sceneries, e.g. entire towns covered in snow, ice ticked on branches and trees, frost on the ground, winter flower bloomings or tracks of animals in the snow. The cold season allows skiing between 1450 and 1830 meters above sea level thanks to a modern ski resort. During certain periods of the year, Michele, our B&B owners' son, will be happy to guide you through our amazing natural phenomenons.
Among Milka's hills
Wandering the hills
Volturino turns
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Voltuirno Mountain

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