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Lake Map – Cottage
Lake during the summer

Pietra del Pertusillo Lake: just 15 Km from our B&B Cottage

Only 10 minutes away from our Val D'Agri Bed and Breakfast Cottage you can visit a magical site, Pietra del Pertusillo.
Tourists are immediately attracted to this area and its wonderful sights; the lake is an astonishing mirror of water framed by luxuriant parks and overshadowing mountains. How many colors does this southern lake highlight? Not even a painter's palette could accurately portray the emotions and sensations you can feel just gazing upon the fusion of the green hills with the blue lake.
The lake resembles life, energy, it is a crystal bowl reflecting nature. Lake Pertusillo, commonly known as Diga Pietra of Pertusillo, is the southern entrance to High Agri Valley.
Lake during the autumn
The Lake's Villa
Energy The Oasis' pasture After the storm Spinoso's view Bridges
Taking a walk...
Since the location has an abundant variety, we vividly advise our guests not to rule out this stop during all seasons, to discover new and interesting perspectives.
Spring is perfect for walks by the lake, which is also a fresh relief during the summer thanks to Lake Agri's clear waters which flow directly into the Pertusillo lake.
Our flighty autumn brings all the colors from the top of the hills to the mirroring lake, during winter time the sky seems bluer and the sun reflects the lake waves radiating a nice cosy feeling.
Lake Pertusillo is a gorgeous shelter and once you've truly gotten to see it, you will definitely feel the need to come back.
Lake's fishing
Cutting Light
Lake during the winter
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