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Excursion Map
Marsicovetere's entrance

Marsicovetere: a stone suburb among Lucania hills

At 15 Km from our B&B you can visit the Marsicovetere suburb, 1037 meters above sea level, one of the highest towns of our Basilicata region.
It's the perfect destination for all seasons: a skiing delight during the winter and an ideal site for active summer vacations dedicated to sports and nature. All that surrounds is considered an outdoor gym, offering lots of fun diversions. Its breathtaking views extend from both the top of its rock walls and the hill over it: the Volturino.
The portentous view overarching Val D'Agri from north-west to south-east will truly leave you speechless.
Here, nature, culture and sports hold a perfect harmony; it is exceptionally beautiful and truly flawless for family time and for people who wish to "feel"
Marsicovetere's view
Marsicovetere ...
Marsicovetere's gardens During the winter St. Maria Convent Marsicovetere Castel Marsicovetere's alleys
Marsicovetere's houses
Covered in snow
During the summer
the mountain's truth and enjoy nature's silence with its undamaged landscapes. The air smells of broom, the joyful nature and clear landscapes are balanced between the valley and the sky's green and blue tones. When first entering, you can find the Santa Maria di Costantinopoli convent, nowadays abandoned after the suppression of the cloistered order because of frequent earthquakes throughout the centuries. Civitas is the town's highest portion and presents the Medieval Castle, now property of the Mazza Family. With its fun up-and-down hills and narrow streets leading to bigger roads, Marsicovetere is a truly unforgettable location; visiting it quickly turns into a fascinating journey which will bring you way back, reminiscing times when men built cities based on their own size.
The Stone House
... from Marsicovetere
Marsicovetere ...
The towns in National Park Val d'Agri: Grumento Nova - Marsicovetere - Tramutola
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