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From our chestnut forest

Tramutola: high Val D'Agri's pearl

Our Val D'Agri Bed and Breakfast Cottage is located in Tramutola, an elegant, discreet and charming province with amazing past splendors.
Nowadays Tramutola, at 650 meters above sea level, is looked over by Monticello. It radiates a sense of tradition and past history while keeping its contemporary side.
We have an interesting anecdote on this site: in the old days a very high primate returned to the Vatican City after visiting Tramutola and he said he thought of it as "a small Geneva".
My dear Tramutola
Your landscape is sweet, your spaces are joyful, your people are kind, your Blessed Virgin's message is placid and your days are calm
Straight paths end up beneath your hill, and your roads become coils merging into your "cesine".
You watch all from above and make us work to capture your heart, but you certainly repay our effort and always reward whoever is lucky enough to discover you!

Michele Grieco by B&B Cottage Val d'Agri

During the spring Tramutola and Monticello During the autumn Tramutola's chimneys The town's corners
A fitting expression for such a special place! Whoever arrives in Tramutola will soon notice that the town lays within a natural valley: on one side you'll find Monticello covered in its pine trees and on the other a series of chestnut trees. A mandatory stop is the ancient washing location where still today older women knee down to wash their laundry. This "washer" tells the true story and friendliness of the Tramutola people; Capo l'Acqua has always been the housewives' meeting spot.
Another peculiarity is the street where our so-called "rustle" takes place; it is better known as "U Ceresin": every town has its walking street, but Tramutola offers more than that, here you'll find something that can only be explained through the town's DNA. Despite the time or weather people are incessantly taking walks on this road; it is also where the "Cesine" women often gather. Based on the season, Tramutola is the ideal place for walks, bike-rides, swimming sessions in the region's most equipped water park, fishing in the many creeks, not to mention the diverse and exquisite dishes. It is advisable to stay at out B&B which is only 1 Km away from this man-sized magic pearl in Val D'Agri: Tramutola.
Taking a walk...
During the winter
Tramutola's surroundings
Tramutola's Church
The Orti alley...
When it's submerged...
Main street at lunch time
The towns in National Park Val d'Agri: Grumento Nova - Marsicovetere - Tramutola
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