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breakfast italy cottage

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Breakfast by B&B Val d'Agri Cottage

A Bed and Breakfast provides par excellence a rich breakfast.
Each morning you will smell the delicious pies and cakes. Our breakfast offers a constant: the fruit, which is different based on the season: apples, pears, kiwis, grapes, plums and apricots will fill up your every morning. Winter breakfasts are usually served in the lounge, although during the summer time, you'll be attended under an appropriate gazebo.
"We tend not to serve fruit during the summer" - say the owners - "since sitting on the garden benches allows you to simply reach out and pick whatever you wish."
Mrs. Prosperina accurately explains that, other than quantity, her breakfast is distinguished by the natural home-grown ingredients: "I only use what we produce in our Cottage... genuinity comes first". The eggs are hatched by our very own chickens, flour comes from the wheat we personally cultivate and take to the mill. Our jam is mostly produced with Cottage fruit, while small amounts of it result from the fruit we pick ourselves from the near forests. Prosperina grows numerous of these: figs, prunes, oranges and apricots are the most common, while chestnut and blackberry jams are so delicious that the whole family goes out and picks them.
Remember to ask Prosperina to have you taste the chestnut crumble, it is her specialty and a delight you must try!
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Bed and Breakfast Cottage Val d'Agri
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