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B&B Lounge
Bed and Breakfast Room

The Lounge by Bed and Breakfast Cottage Val d'Agri

The 45 square meters lounge is the home environment where the owners frequently entertain their guests. Kitchen and lunch don't have specific limitations; the new way of using this space extends to much more than just preparing and enjoying food.
There is family time, sharing spaces, flavors, perfumes, being together and enjoying different things. For all these reasons we thought of each detail for our Bed and Breakfast's furniture and decoration to make it as pleasant and functional as possible.
"The thing that I'm most concerned about" - says owner Prosperina - "is my guest's well-being. In our Val D'Agri Bed and Breakfast Cottage every request is granted with considerate kindness."
The Breakfast Area
B&B Chimney
The guests B&B Room Cottage Couches View of the room Japanese Guests
working in progress
working in progress
The view on Alta Val D'Agri is absolutely portentous thanks to a 50 meter terrace. Our fireplace is kept on for 7 months a year, burning the very wood of our near forest. Waking up a winter morning, smelling one of Mrs. Prosperina's freshly baked pies and walking into the lounge to find Val D'Agri entirely covered in snow are all undescribable moments...
working in progress
working in progress

Bed and Breakfast Cottage Val d'Agri
Contrada Castiglione 24
85057 Tramutola (PZ) - Basilicata
Tel. +39 333 1513653 - email:
Bed and Breakfast Cottage in Basilicata