giardino agriturismo basilicata bed and breakfast cottage


giardino agriturismo bed and breakfast agriturismo basilicata

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The garden by Bed and Breakfast Cottage Val d'Agri

As it is extremely atypical, our garden will surprise you with classical elements like flowers and english meadow, in addition to wonderful fruit trees that are part of a rare selection by our owner Mr. Luigi, a dedicated farmer and gardener. Don't be shocked if between a rose and a petunia you find a pear tree branch or if among a dahlia and a tuia, you catch a glimpse of pear tree branches. At this latitude we most certainly don't grow citrus fruits, which in Basilicata are exclusive Jonic Coast products; but despite this general rule, the Grieco Family's garden is a testament to an achieved harmony with nature and therefore manages to grow luxuriant lemon and mandarine plants. It surely isn't an evergreen: the different seasons change its appearance.
To avoid excessive verbosity, we'll simply mention the primary species:
The Garden's fruit
B&B Val d'Agri
Relaxing in the Garden The Cottage Grass The B&B Lemons B&B in the Province PZ The Garden's Kiwis
Big Prunes
Special Garden
apples, pears, kiwis, apricots, plums, prunes and grapes. All our plants were specifically studied and analyzed by agriculture professors who also concentrated on a specific pear tree, proved able to grow uniquely big and heavy fruits. We will always be happy to unravel all your botanic questions, in hopes that we can give you advice for your own gardening.
Cottage Timber yard
The B&B Terrace
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Bed and Breakfast Cottage Val d'Agri
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